Let's Do This! was the title of our 2015 East Coast Conference in Orlando Florida. In this intimate and highly interactive event, our speakers focused on implementing servant leadership using the vital elements of trust, relationships and character.

We inspired our attendees to do a different style of leadership- to step away from using positional power to motivate their employees. Attendees learned a leadership style that involves caring for their employees, caring enough to expect higher performance, and equipping and serving them so they accomplish great things.

We asked our attendees to take 2 days to invest in themselves so they can give to others. We helped them pick up the tools of the trade so they can be leaders who serve.

The Servant Leadership Institute is a training and development organization that helps people implement servant leadership. We asked some of our friends to join us in equipping our attendees to renovate their leadership style. So here is how we built the blueprint to do this:

  • Step 1—With knowledge and perseverance, it’s possible to change the culture of your company from a power model to one where servant leadership is part of everyday life. Art Barter, our conference host, shared his very practical approach to implementing servant leadership, drawing from his successful efforts to reconstruct the culture at his company, Datron World Communications.
  • Step 2—We have found that trust is essential for a servant-led culture to succeed. Steven M.R. Covey, bestselling author of The Speed of Trust, focuses on understanding the value of trust in your business and how to restore trust once it has been broken.
  • Step 3—Servant leadership is all about relationships. Olivia McIvor, National HR Expert, Author and Leadership Development Facilitator, provided tools to help you improve your relationships in the workplace through understanding the power of our differences.
  • Step 4—Character is the key to building ethical and successful business environments. N. Christian Stokes taught the value of strength of character in your business. He is a four-time Olympic athlete, successful businessman and entrepreneur, Secretary General of the Jamaica Bobsled team sports franchise, and author of Cool Runnings and Beyond.

Attendees also enjoyed smaller interactive breakout sessions focused on giving practical takeaways to return to their company and family with a new mindset and a toolkit for success.