This exciting two day event taught attendees about servant leadership and helped them gain a deeper understanding of the servant leader's mindset and how to apply it in their organization.

This unique conference provided a true servant leadership experience for attendees. People got to absorb great teaching, gain a deeper understanding of what a servant leader mindset means and apply behaviors that will transform their leadership. The result: a refreshed leadership approach that will foster higher performance in those you influence.

Take a look at highlights from this conference. Major thanks to all of our Speakers, trainers and attendees.


Keynote speakers

Art Barter

As founder and CEO of the Servant Leadership Institute, servant leadership implementer, Art knows firsthand that to create and sustain a servant-led organization, you must teach, understand, and apply servant leadership behaviors. Art’s talk will introduce you to the power of these behaviors.

Chris Stokes

Chris is a four-time Olympic athlete, business entrepreneur and member of the iconic 1988 Jamaican bobsled team that inspired the Disney film “Cool Runnings.” His message will focus on character as the foundation of excellence.

Scott Schimmel

We admire Scott’s work with San Diego’s YouSchool, an organization helping emerging leaders find out who they are and their strengths, and how to handle life’s transitions. Scott believes servant leadership holds the key to creating happier, healthier, more successful workplaces.

Liz Wiseman

Liz asks questions we believe all servant leaders should ask themselves: Am I a multiplier or a diminisher? Are those I influence growing and excelling? Or am I actually stunting their growth and development in the name of “control”? Liz is a bestselling author and president of the Wiseman Group in Silicon Valley, an R&D organization focused on the study of leadership.

Workshop Presenters

Stedman Graham

Stedman teaches that to lead others, you must first be able to lead yourself. Self-management for leaders, employees, students, and — really, all of us — is the key to realizing our potential as people, communities, and cultures. It is also a critical aspect of being leaders who serve those they lead.

David Berry

David believes servant leaders are committed to positive, productive and lasting change for every member of the organization they lead. He will demonstrate that the sustainability and growth of an organization depends directly on each team member’s commitment to continuous growth and learning. And servant leaders know they must go first.

Tamara Furman

Tamara teaches that in most work and life situations, knowing ourselves —“understanding our thinking and our values” — provides us tremendous insights into how we respond (or react) to others. Increasing your emotional intelligence (EI) is a vital element of being a high performer and leading high-performing teams.

Bill Driscoll

Success in today’s 24-7, wired, global economy has many of the same key ingredients as success in flying a jet fighter in air combat. Bill should know, since he’s excelled at both over the past 30 years. Each requires an unshakable leadership style. You’ll discover that servant leaders demonstrate this kind of leadership style. What’s required for success is to perform at your best when nothing less will do.