Thank you to all of our attendees, speakers and sponsors for making SLC18SanDiego a significant experience!

Attendees engaged in discussion during one of our many breakouts.

Attendees engaged in discussion during one of our many breakouts.

Discover the Road Map for Your SL Journey

Ever found yourself at a crossroad? It’s the place where roads intersect or the point where a vital decision must be made. Many people face that crossroad in their leadership. What road do I take? Is it the one that may bring financial success at the expense of others, the one that’s easy but unfulfilling, or the road less traveled that builds up people and propels them to achieve things they never thought possible? We call that road servant leadership.

We explored SL together during our annual conference Shift Into Drive: Navigating Servant Leadership on Feb. 19th and 20th of 2018.

Leadership can be a bumpy road. Sometimes we find ourselves moving in reverse, stuck in park or idling in neutral. But no matter where you may be on your travels, this conference will get you moving to create your own roadmap to implement SL in your organization and life.

We can promise you’ll hear from experienced leaders focused on inspiring and equipping you to fuel your leadership with road-tested practices. You can expect plenty of interaction as we involve you in the process of navigating a new way to lead. We invite you to shift your leadership into drive and make SL a reality.  

Featured Speakers

7 Years of World-Class Thought Leaders and Workshop Presenters

For the past seven years, SLI has presented conferences to bring you world-class thought leaders and workshop presenters who are focused on telling the story of SL.

Past speakers include John Maxwell, Stephen M.R. Covey, Cheryl Bachelder, Gary Ridge, Liz Wiseman, Ken Blanchard, and our own Art Barter. In 2015, history was made at the conference when Blanchard, Maxwell, and Covey appeared on stage together for the first time. With that kind of track record, you know that 2018 will be fresh, challenging, and straight from the heart.


Take a look at our Conference highlights from our 2017 San Diego Conference. Major thanks to all of our speakers and attendees.

Servant leaders meet people where they are.
— Art Barter
Servant leaders draw people closer.
— Vicki Clark



Inspired SLI Attendees

This is my first experience with servant leadership. I am inspired! This was the right combination of theory, real-world practical cases and inspiration!
— Conference Attendee
No one should miss this conference. What a wonderful place to renew in the spirit of what all servant leaders want to be. Thanks so much SLI!
— Diane Kucala