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SL Coaching

The purpose of our SL Coaching Program is to  maximize individuals’ personal and professional growth as a servant leader, their positive impact on their organization, as well as to support professional, departmental, and organizational growth.  SL coaching:


  • Has an ethical base.

  • Aligns with company values.

  • Motivates a mind shift from power to servant based leadership.

  • Is results focused.

  • Inspires and equips experienced and newly emerging leaders.

  • Strengthens character and competency.

  • Aligns individual & organizational planning, and goal- setting.

  • Focuses first on growing yourself as a servant leader.

  • Targets SL behavior development.


This program assists the individual in developing a higher degree of emotional intelligence.  Its behavioral focus encourages the participant to “think about their thinking” and be pro-active in their intention to serve others. Throughout the coaching process, the following behaviors and supporting skills are emphasized:

Serve First, Build Trust, Live Your Values, Listen to Understand, Think About Your Thinking, Add Value to Others, Increase Your Influence, Demonstrate Courage, Live Your Transformation.


Learning Outcomes

Objectives are determined on an individual basis.  Input from stakeholders in the sponsoring organization and manager is solicited.  Based on this input, the coach and the individual work together to create a SL development plan that will be the foundation of the coaching program.  


Phase I: Connect

This phase is designed to establish relationships and draft preliminary coaching goals.  Its elements include:

  • Establish rapport and relationship

  • Educate origins and philosophy of SL

  • Discuss alignment with organizational values

  • Clarify “what coaching is and is not”

  • Determine how to work together

  • Identify preliminary coaching goals

  • Confirm coaching schedule


Phase II: Explore and Recognize

This phase is designed to uncover the individual’s naturally motivated strengths.  We use a variety of assessment tools to ensure the person being coached gains greater self-knowledge, clarity, focus and direction.  Tools used in this phase may include: 

  • Predictive Index

  • Strengths Finder

  • Strength Deployment Inventory

  • Accomplishment Stories

  • The Leadership Circle – 360-degree profile


Phase III:  Determine 

This phase is designed to ensure individual strengths and goals are aligned with organizational vision, mission, values, goals, and required SL development and business performance outcomes. It includes strategic alignment of:

  • Organizational and individual goals

  • Organizational culture

  • Critical connections

  • Performance results


Phase IV:  Inspire and Equip Others

This phase is designed to implement goal-focused and action-oriented SL coaching results.  Activation of the plan includes:

  • SMART goals and clear objectives

  • Outcomes and measurements

  • Healthy behaviors and daily practices

  • Progress reports


Who Should Attend?

Individuals in leadership positions who wish to positively impact the people they serve.


Instructional Techniques

Includes one on one coaching with a SL coach and use of supporting books and assessment tools.  See Learning Outcomes for details.

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