Culture Change or Culture Enrichment?


Whether you want to embed kindness, servant leadership or any unique soft skills culture initiative into your organization, you’re going to bump up against naysayers and cynics. To succeed, you must alter your ethos from culture change to culture enrichment, going beyond the traditional mission, vision and values to the epicenter: the emotional culture. To explore this concept, Olivia McIvor will be our guide through two exciting programs centered around culture enrichment.

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Kindness — The New Morale
with Olivia McIvor

Kindness is a simple concept — too simple, some might think, to provide a solution to the complex challenges of work. But, it is precisely this simplicity that gives kindness such power to affect positive change from the frontline to the boardroom. When integrated throughout an organization, kindness becomes a standard for decision-making, with the power to lift up the emotional culture and enrich it. Supporting kind behaviors provides an easily understood “benchmark” for recharging individuals amid the daily changes of today’s transitional workplace. 

This inspirational and interactive session will bring to life the value of kindness by taking participants deeper into the tenets and 12 character-building traits of the Kindness Speaks culture enrichment driver.

Culture Change or Culture Enrichment?
with Dr. James Lau & Kimi Omi-Braxton

Authentic storytelling is at the heart of this session, as three leaders will share their journey — their challenges, triumphs, and lessons learned — as well as the playbook required to drive unique culture enrichment from the top down, the ground up, and the sidelines. It will also include an opportunity for participants to explore their leader sponsorship through a series of provocative questions. In true Olivia McIvor style, this informative panel will be rich with the challenges and successes to implementing an enhancement initiative into any culture. Whether it starts from the top down or the bottom up, this program will not disappoint.


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Practitioner Stories — Lessons Learned in Servant Leadership

We are honored to bring you a group of exceptional servant leadership implementers who will share their firsthand experiences. These practitioners have been involved in the implementation of servant leadership in a wide variety of organizations, from varying positions of influence. Individuals from the fields of insurance services, leadership development, Native American business ventures, aerospace and defense technology, hospitality, and local government will tell their stories of integrating servant leadership into their organizations. They will touch on their challenges and the successes they experienced while working to make culture change. As these implementers share their experiences, attendees will learn practical tips and solutions to roadblocks in creating a servant-led culture.

Get Involved — Q&A Opportunity

Directly after the practitioners tell their stories, we’ll open up the session for a Q&A segment. This will be a great time to bring up any questions, fears or challenges you might be facing around servant leadership in your organization.  This is your opportunity to gain insights from those who have “been there and done that.”