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The Servant Leader Conference 2019

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Inspire and equip leaders in your organization to find meaning and purpose in their work, foster an environment of trust and respect at all levels, and achieve success!

At Servant Leadership Institute, we are dedicated to inspiring and equipping leaders through servant leadership programs, workshops, conferences, podcasts, webinars, books and more. Founded in 2008, by renowned speaker and author, Art Barter, the Institute seeks to help both individuals and organizations put servant leadership into practice and find meaning and purpose in their work. Additionally, the Institute encourages the fostering of a workplace environment built on trust where all employees and stakeholders can feel fulfilled and succeed.


SLI Offerings


Training & Coaching

Learn how to implement servant leadership. Equip your team for the servant leadership journey and receive hands-on learning facilitated by SLI trainers and coaches.

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Servant leadership is a practice that can truly become part of your life — your work life and your personal life. Once you embrace it, it’s natural to use it in every process you follow in your organization and at home. Your approach to life and work becomes focused on the answer to one question: what will best serve the needs of others?

Join us on Wednesday, Oct. 24 at 11 a.m. PST for our complimentary webinar, Integrating Servant Leadership in All You Do, to explore ways to employ servant leadership principles and behaviors throughout your life.



Hear from leading business professionals as they discuss how servant leadership implementation is the key to changing the current business landscape today


2019 Servant Leader Conference

Are you able? It’s a simple question that holds a lot of weight. The implementation of servant leadership is an incredible journey that takes commitment, courage, and perseverance.  We learned last year the importance of being fully committed. You can’t expect true change by having one foot in and one foot out. So, here’s our promise to you — if you are willing and able to join the servant leadership movement, we’ll equip you to be a capable servant leader. Our location is the Westin Carlsbad Resort and Spa in beautiful Carlsbad, CA, just north of San Diego.



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Farmer Able Audiobook Available Now

Written by Art Barter

The pigs are running the farm. So begins the story of Farmer Able. Everyone on his farm—people and animals alike—are downright downtrodden by him. He’s overbearing and compulsively obsessed with profits and productivity.


The Servant Leadership Institute helps you turn theory into action


Why Servant Leadership?

By adopting a “servant first” attitude and implementing proven servant leadership principles and strategies thousands of people across the globe have enriched their personal and professional lives, built healthier and more profitable companies, and created happier, more engaged employees. Additionally, they have created a respectful, loyal workplace environment centered on teamwork with higher senses of morale and increased productivity. 

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