Let’s change that old, worn out saying, “Walk the talk” to “Behave your talk.™” Show others you are serious about becoming a different type of leader–one who can be trusted to act the same way you talk.


About the book

Servant leadership is a form of leadership that turns the traditional organization chart upside down; the leader exists to serve the people he leads. In the Servant Leadership Journal, author and servant leadership implementer Art Barter teaches nine behaviors necessary to grow into a servant leader. Through the journaling process, these behaviors will change your mindset about leading in your personal life and your organization. You can join us on this journey by changing your leadership behaviors—reaping rewards you never thought possible. There are four distinct steps that are key to effective journaling: Educate yourself on the meaning of each behavior. Understand where you are with each behavior. Be courageous to see the real you. Apply what you are learning to your life. What specific areas do you want to improve? Reflect by recording the results of your journey. Let’s change that old, worn out saying, “Walk the talk” to “Behave your talk.TM ” Show others you are serious about becoming a different type of leader—one who can be trusted to act the same way you talk.


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Praise for the Journal

Art’s approach to leadership is candid, transparent and humbling. He uses his own life examples of how mistakes can become cornerstones of success. He challenges participants to self-reflect and commit to change. Art teaches core values and strategies any leader can follow if they are willing to make the single most important investment, an investment in others.
— Denise Hujing, BB&T
This book is a guided journal. It will direct you through 18 weeks of training on the nine behaviors of a servant leaders. Writing about your experiences, feelings, challenges, and goals will help you understand the new actions you are choosing to take. The steps of servant leadership are simple: learning, understanding, application and reflection. Despite being simple the steps are difficult to adopt. Throughout, you’ll find quotations from fellow servant leaders, to help support your journey. Living your life for others has been shown to result in happiness, resilience, friendship, success, and more. Start your journey today with the help of The Servant Leadership Journal.
— R. McConaughyon
Art is so committed to leadership that he created the Servant Leadership Institute. I have watched as he shares his passion—igniting the fire, one leader at a time, changing the world and touching the lives of leaders who will in turn inspire countless others over a lifetime. I am one. There are many.
— Kathy West, Executive Director, Epilepsy Foundation of San Diego County
In the Servant Leadership Journal the author, Art Barter teaches nine behaviors necessary to grow into a servant leader. The author provides a model for servant leadership that consists of 9 behaviors (Serve First; Build Trust; Live Your Values; Listen to Understand; Think About My Thinking; Add Value to Others; Be Courageous; Increase My Influence; Live My Transformation) and four simple steps to follow to integrate them into your life. The four steps to effective journaling are: 1) Educate yourself on the meaning of each behavior. 2) Understand where you are on each behavior. 3) Apply what you are learning by setting one or two goals for that day. 4) Reflect. This book is a practical guide to help you change your leadership behaviors.
— Leslie Gornigon
Art Barter is an exemplary leader. He influences through service and his humble, caring, selfless concern for his people and the community have inspired and equipped countless leaders here in San Diego and beyond. Art has taught that leadership isn’t just about getting results but it is also in the “how” you get those results. He is indeed transforming the soul of leadership as he builds trust, inspires greatness, and helps others lead from their hearts to discover no limits to their potential. Art has shown the business and non-profit worlds that trust is not merely a social virtue but also an economic driver. His leadership is truly about building up and equipping others to find the best version of themselves.
— Mark Kalpakgian, Classical Academies
The Servant Leadership Journal turns what is often a squishy topic into practical behavior-oriented change that will, as the book’s subtitle states, “transform you and your organization.” Art Barter offers a four-step journaling process to help leaders deepen nine servant leadership behaviors. Each chapter leads with a description of one such behavior, followed by 14 days of self-reflection via journaling.

Behavior #7 is Demonstrate Courage, which focuses on accountability, making right choices, and stepping into difficult conversations when necessary. Art points out that as leaders, we’d like to choose what we want to do, but must instead ask, “What is the best thing to do for my team today?” The reflection questions bring to mind examples of demonstrating courage from the previous day, as well as opportunities to practice courage in the days ahead.

It’s easy as a leader to get caught up in the firestorm of each day’s issues and challenges. Or to focus on the actions and behaviors of those around you. Here’s a great tool to pause for a self-leadership moment, reflecting on your own behavior and ways to grow as a servant leader.
— Jon Lokhorston

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The Servant Leadership Journal outlines nine behaviors necessary to grow into a servant leader. Art Barter chose to create a journal because the process of journaling can be instrumental in changing your mindset as you work through the questions and make changes to the way you lead in your personal life and organization. Each chapter begins with a short personal anecdote, and leads into the exercises and response portion. The journal is a starting point; a tool to aid you on your way as you continue to develop your servant leadership skills. If you’re serious about becoming a different type of leader-one who can be trusted to act the same way you talk- then this journal is a great place to start.