Equip Your Team With Tested SL Techniques

SL is a completely different way of operating your business. Make sure you are properly equipped with all the information and techniques you need to equip your organization from the inside out with training and workshops from SLI.

Our Founder and CEO, Art Barter and the rest of our team, will provide you with hands-on SL training that is centered on helping your organization reach its goals.

We Meet You Where You Are


Inspire and motivate your organization or team with a presentation by Art Barter, CEO, Author, Implementor and Sustainer of SL.

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This foundational training program is the basis for all our programs. It offers a “train the trainer” component and the ability to license our material for your continued use.

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SL coaching has an ethical, moral base, aligns with your company values and is a creation conversation versus a “fixing” conversation.


Topical workshops offered in class or online through webinars. Topics include: Servant Leadership 101, Results Driven Servant Leadership and Challenging Situations to name a few.

This is my first experience with SL. I am inspired! This was the right combination of theory, real-world practical cases and inspiration!
So many helpful hints about how to be and implement SL. Thanks so much SLI!
— Diane Kucala