Enjoy our variety of past webinar topics, from going through the 9 behaviors of a servant leader, to figuring out how to conduct difficult conversations as a servant leader.  Click the "watch the video" link view each individual webinar. We know these will give you great value. 

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Training Servant Leadership

SLI's Founder and CEO Art Barter and Carol Malinski, director of Content and Curriculum, go over the structure of the servant leadership institute's Level 1 training curriculum explaining the importance of each stage.

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Employee Engagement the Servant Leadership Way

Listen in as SLI CEO Art Barter and Carol Malinski talk over the topic of Employee Engagement and how servant leaders can approach it.

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Conducting Difficult Conversations 

Listen in as Art Barter, owner & CEO of Datron World Communications, and Carol Malinski go over the often scary and potentially damaging subject of having difficult conversations with employees.

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A Servant Leadership Behavior Overview

Listen in as Art Barter and Carol Malinski review the 9 behaviors of a servant leader, giving real world examples, and showing the counterfeit versions of each of these actions. We hope you enjoy!

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How am I Developing as a Servant Leader?

As a servant leader, are you taking time to reflect on your leadership? This webinar asks and answers some probing questions that should help you assess how you’re doing in your servant leadership journey. Art Barter, SLI founder and CEO, takes you through the servant leadership development cycle, discussing relevant issues along the way.

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Living Your Transformation - Servant Leadership Tips

Listen as, Founder and CEO, Art Barter gives servant leaders crucial tips on how to properly live the servant leadership transformation.

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Little Foxes: Engaging the Outliers

Do you work with individuals who seem to be on board with the practice of servant leadership but really do not support this culture change? Art Barter, SLI founder and CEO, will introduce you to “The Little Foxes,” our name for those who repeatedly undermine what we are trying to accomplish as servant leaders.

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Courage to Take the First Step

Are you feeling a little like the lone ranger as the only advocate for servant leadership within your organization? Our Founder and CEO Art Barter and Carol Malinski, Director of Content and Curriculum for SLI, outline the steps you can take to become an amazing servant leader even if you feel alone. Recognize the power of one and know its all in your behavior!

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How to Serve First

Learn what it takes to create a culture of service, what the relationship is between serving our employees and getting results for the organization, and how you can increase your employee engagement through serving first.

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How to Build Trust

This webinar presentation is focused on the 2nd of 9 behaviors identified by the Servant Leadership Institute as key to building a servant-led culture in your organization.

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How to Live Your Values

Listen as SLI founder and CEO Art Barter and Carol Malinski go through the behavior of living your values.

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How to Listen to Understand

SLI founder and CEO Art Barter ad Carol Malinski go through the 4th behavior, Listen to Understand. Enjoy.

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How to Think About Your Thinking

Listen as Servant Leadership specialist Carol Malinski goes over the important step of "Thinking about your Thinking".

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How to Add Value to Others

Listen as the SLI team goes through the importance of adding values to others, giving real world examples and strategies of how you can do this affectively.

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How to Demonstrate Courage

Take a listen at our latest Webinar Where Art Barter explains the importance of the SLI behavior "Demonstrate Courage" as well as a short Q&A session pertaining to our latest Servant Leadership Conference held back in March of this year.

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How to Increase Your Influence

Are you looking to influence your management to implement servant leadership practices? Do you ever wish you could influence your peers to produce better team outcomes? This webinar provides the tools to influence in a 360 degree manner. Learn what it means to increase influence in a servant led culture.

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How to Live Your Transformation

Take a listen as we go through our final servant leadership behavior "Live your Transformation". It's a culminating behavior reaping the prior behaviors, serving as a constant reminder that you must always live out your changing behavior always staying conscious of potential for back sliding. SLI Founder and CEO Art Barter outlines how staying away of your actions, and surrounding yourself with like minded people that are willing to help you stay in check improve your overall servant leadership journey. Enjoy!