Creating Environments + Nine Behaviors Combo Pack

Creating Environments + Nine Behaviors Combo Pack


Get the tools you need to grow as a servant leader. This combo pack combines two essential learning cards together for a lower rate.

  • you will receive one 10 pack of Nine Behavior cards & one 10 pack of Creating Environments.

See below for a description of each card:

Creating Environments for Courageous Conversations Card

We all experience times when it’s necessary to have a difficult conversation. This card provides you with guidelines to make these interactions more productive. Review these steps before and after your meetings and monitor the changes in outcome. Creating the right environment, and going through the steps for courageous conversations is a great way to maintain positive growth for everyone involved in a difficult situation.

Nine Behaviors of a Servant Leader

SLI’s 9 behaviors were created for servant leaders to focus on throughout their day. Tack to your wall and review every day. Whether its serving first, building trust or adding value, focusing on these 9 servant leadership behaviors is a game changer!

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