Ready to Launch: The Servant Leadership Journal

In 2015, Art Barter wrote Farmer Able, a story to get you thinking about how to inspire your employees and produce better results. Now it’s time for some leadership introspection as you consider the nine behaviors necessary to grow into a servant leader, as outlined in The Servant Leadership Journal.


Music and Servant Leadership- say what?

The theme for this year’s servant leadership conference hosted by the Servant Leadership Institute is, “The Music of Servant Leadership.” You may think this is an odd theme for a leadership conference, so let me tell you a bit about the powerful vision we have.

SLI Webinar: Collaboration the Servant Leadership Way

Listen as Robin Swift, President of SLI, and Carol Malinski, Head of Content & Curriculum at SLI, talk on the importance of collaboration within an organization and how Servant Leadership helps foster new trusting bonds integral for a good collaborative work environment.

The Power of An Apology

The 1970 movie “Love Story” spawned a new catch phase in American culture: “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.” Not being Erich Segal, the novelist and screenwriter, I can only speculate what he meant was when you deeply love someone, they know you so well and know your intent so well that they overlook your offenses because they understand your true feelings.

Servant Leadership at the Speed of Trust

When Art Barter became CEO of Datron World Communications in 2004, the manufacturer of radio communications equipment had revenues of about $10 million with very little profit. Just seven years later, Datron’s revenues exceeded $200 million with substantial profit. And that was with no acquisitions, no debt, and with largely the same management team.