SLI Webinar Invite: Developing As A Servant Leader?

As a servant leader, are you taking time to reflect on your leadership? This webinar will ask and answer some probing questions that will help you assess how you’re doing in your servant leadership journey. Join us for Reflections — How Am I Developing as a Servant Leader? on Thursday, July 27 at 11 a.m. PST. Art Barter, SLI founder and CEO, will take you through the servant leadership development cycle, discussing relevant issues along the way.

Robin Swift
SLI Podcast: Employee Engagement: Facing New Challenges in Serving with Melissa Budvarson & Carol Malinski

SHRM recently published an article called "the Big Issues Facing HR." Listen as we interveiw Melissa Budvarson, Employee Engagement Manager for SLI and Datron World Communications. Melissa will share her perspective on these issues facing human resources.  Enjoy!

SLI Podcast: A Father’s Look at Servant Leadership

For our special Father's Day edition Bryan Malinski, our Digital Media Specialist, had a conversation with his Dad, Joie Malinski, about using servant leadership both in the work place and at home.  Joie gives his perspective on serving first, building trust, listening to understand, and demonstrating courage while being a father. This episode examines leadership through a father's lens.  We hope enjoy and Happy Father's Day!

Conference Conversations 2017 with Jim Minarik

In this episode, SLI Founder and CEO, Art Barter talks with long time friend Jim Minarik about serving from the top as a CEO. Jim is the Chairman of DEI Holdings as well as Founder & Chairman of Forte for Children. Listen as Art and Jim talk leadership from the perspective of CEO; the challenges, rewards and reflections of watching a servant leadership culture grow.


    Behavior # 8: Increase your Influence

    Your influence comes not from what you say, but from your behaviors and the way you live your life. Think about your daily actions. Whether you’re at work or a local coffee shop, how are you spreading influence around you? Do you consistently think about how you can add value? When you see others in need of help, do you offer a hand? Let’s explore deeper and dive into the positive ways you can increase your influence.  

    Ready to Launch: The Servant Leadership Journal

    In 2015, Art Barter wrote Farmer Able, a story to get you thinking about how to inspire your employees and produce better results. Now it’s time for some leadership introspection as you consider the nine behaviors necessary to grow into a servant leader, as outlined in The Servant Leadership Journal.


    Music and Servant Leadership- say what?

    The theme for this year’s servant leadership conference hosted by the Servant Leadership Institute is, “The Music of Servant Leadership.” You may think this is an odd theme for a leadership conference, so let me tell you a bit about the powerful vision we have.

    SLI Webinar: Collaboration the Servant Leadership Way

    Listen as Robin Swift, President of SLI, and Carol Malinski, Head of Content & Curriculum at SLI, talk on the importance of collaboration within an organization and how Servant Leadership helps foster new trusting bonds integral for a good collaborative work environment.