Behavior 3: Live Your Values


Live your values. If you don't know what they are, go find out.” — Art Barter


When you think about living your values, first define what your values are. Think about what has meaning in your life, what you are passionate about and what qualities are important to you. These values could be anything from respect and accountability to communication and service.

As servant leaders, living our values daily is very important. The decisions we make and how we treat others should be in line with these values. If you value honesty, it will serve you and others to be honest. If you value community, work toward establishing a welcoming community in every part of your life. If you value a healthy lifestyle, make choices to eat well and exercise often.

In the work environment, establishing values and goals is key to keeping your team on the same page. Set clear expectations for each task at hand. Discuss which principles your company values. If your company values respect, collaboration, responsibility, and hard work, make sure each staff member is aware of and continues to work on these values together.

Everyone has the ability to channel their inner servant leader and focus on the values that matter to them as an individual as well as those that matter in their workplace. If you’re unsure of what your company’s values are, ask! Stay the course and don’t give up.

When you have a clear vision of your values, and those of your organization, it will be much easier for you to live them.

Take a few minutes to write down five of your values. Work on those five over this next month.


Erin Joyce

Social Media Consultant for Servant Leadership Institute