Ready to Launch: The Servant Leadership Journal


In 2015, Art Barter wrote Farmer Able, a story to get you thinking about how to inspire your employees and produce better results. Now it’s time for some leadership introspection as you consider the nine behaviors necessary to grow into a servant leader, as outlined in The Servant Leadership Journal.

During the week of March 27-31, the buzz will be building for this outstanding new leadership resource. We need you to help spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and through personal blogs and word of mouth. If you’re looking for quick ways to share the message, then check out the ideas and links below and get ready to join in the promotion!

  • On Monday, March 27th, buy a copy of The Servant Leadership Journal on Amazon and send it to a friend.

  • On Tuesday, March 28th, send one of these tweets out in support of the launch:

  • On Wednesday, March 29th, share an image on your Facebook account. To do this, right click on the image, select “copy image” from the dropdown menu, and then paste it in a Facebook post OR right click, save the image to your computer, and upload to Facebook later. Don’t forget to include a personal note about what you’ve been learning from the journal during this launch week!

  • On Thursday, March 30th, send people to Amazon to buy the book.

  • On Friday, March 31st, leave your review of the journal on Amazon, or add it to your “currently reading” shelf on Goodreads.

Once the launch week is over, we would love to hear how you are enjoying and using the journal. Here are some ways to keep the buzz going and continue the conversation with us – and others:

  • Send a tweet to @Art_Barter and let him know how it’s going.

  • Write a blog post about your experience journaling.

  • Write a LinkedIn post about which of the nine behaviors is either giving you the most trouble or growing the fastest as you work your way through The Servant Leadership Journal.

  • Share copies of the Journal with fellow leaders, and meet together for early morning breakfast or coffee once a month to discuss what you’re working on now.

  • Join the Farmer Able/Servant Leadership Journal Group on Facebook to develop relationships with like-minded, service-focused leaders from all over the world.

Join with us as we use this newest tool in our library to help grow the servant leadership movement and build a community of leaders, dedicated to serving others.