Behavior # 8: Increase your Influence

“Influencing as a servant leader is to inspire and equip others.” — Art Barter


Your influence comes not from what you say, but from your behaviors and the way you live your life. Think about your daily actions. Whether you’re at work or a local coffee shop, how are you spreading influence around you? Do you consistently think about how you can add value? When you see others in need of help, do you offer a hand? Let’s explore deeper and dive into the positive ways you can increase your influence.  


  • Write down your skills   

    Taking an inventory of your skills is a good place to start to increase your influence. Whether you’re an inspiring leader, an attentive listener or a constant giver, recognizing these qualities can steer you in a positive direction to help those around you. It’s also valuable to consider skills you want to develop so you continue to grow and widen your influential impact. When you share the skills and knowledge you have with others, they too can spread this positive influence in their community. 


  • Meet people where they are

When influencing others, it can be challenging when others around you are on a different level on their journey. It’s important to meet them where they are and not judge or criticize those who have different opinions than yours. Everyone has their own values, opinions and roles in their communities, so it’s important to respect where they’re coming from. Acknowledge and appreciate these differences. 


  • Be patient

Influencing others doesn’t happen overnight. Building and practicing your servant leadership behaviors and carrying them out in your daily life can take months and years to develop. Don’t get discouraged if you’re not seeing an immediate change. Have faith and trust that the practice and effort you’re putting forth will flourish with time. 


Whether you’re a role model in your community, training others on a topic, coaching a certain skill or behavior, or just being a mentor for a friend, there are plenty of avenues to make a positive impact on your community. Use your skills, have an open mind, be patient and see the beauty in increasing your influence.