Conference Conversations: Jim Minarik


In this episode, SLI Founder and CEO, Art Barter talks with long time friend Jim Minarik about serving from the top as a CEO. Jim is the Chairman of DEI Holdings as well as Founder & Chairman of Forte for Children. Listen as Art and Jim talk leadership from the perspective of CEO; the challenges, rewards and reflections of watching a servant leadership culture grow.

Jim’s big break in learning about business and the importance of valuing and respecting his co-workers and customers came early.  He was 14 years old when he started working for $1 per hour at the local hardware store in the Western PA steel town where he grew up. The owner of the store, a respected local businessman, came to Jim one day and said, “I can tell you have a fertile mind, and I want to help teach you business.”  Never forgetting the kindness, compassion and sincere interest in his future shown by that man remains one of the most transformative experiences of Jim’s life. It was also his introduction to a style of leadership built around serving others.