Special Product Offering For The Season of Giving


We are excited to provide you with a great package of books for this holiday season. Each book will provide unique guidance in developing as a servant leader. Whether it is for personal growth or for others in your life that you feel could benefit from a bundle like this, we are confident that this pack will be an important gift. Grab a pack for yourself or members of your team by clicking the button below. 


Whats in the pack?

Let’s take a deeper dive into the products we have assembled together for this combo pack. All three of the books in this pack were written by SLI founder and CEO Art Barter. To accompany these great reads we are throwing in two trusty cards: “The 9 behaviors of a Servant Leader” card & “Creating Environments for Courageous Conversations” Card. And we are rounding out the combo package with an SLI pin to wear proudly showing the wonderful transition you have made in your leadership.

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The Art of Servant Leadership II

How You Get Results Is More Important than the Results Themselves.

Not many industry revolutions begin with a typical married couple who risk everything to do something they've never done before. But that is exactly what Art and Lori Barter did in 2004 when they purchased Datron World Communications. The husband and wife knew everything about the power of strong values and the lack of values in modern corporations, but nothing about running a large-scale business that was -- at the time -- losing money. It was a test of faith and perseverance unlike any other. Everything from financial security to spiritual fulfillment was on the line.

The Art of Servant Leadership II instructs modern business leaders on how to transform their businesses to servant-led organizations that prioritize integrity over profitability and never-ending quests to accumulate power. By integrating the servant-led paradigm into their inner lives and professional thinking, today's leaders can revolutionize heartless corporate strategies that reward the few at the expense of the many. Today, Datron World Communications is a multimillion-dollar, multicultural, international company with customers in more than eighty countries. That success is the result of the lessons taught in The Art of Servant Leadership II and proof that serving others with compassion and humility brings unprecedented rewards.


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Farmer Able

A fable about servant leadership transforming organizations and people from the inside out

So begins the story of Farmer Able. Everyone on his farm—people and animals alike—are downright downtrodden by him. He’s overbearing and compulsively obsessed with profits and productivity. He’s a typical top-down, power-based manager, forever tallying production numbers in his well-worn ledgers. But the more he pushes the hoofs and horns and humans, the more they dig in their heels. That is until one day when he hears a mysterious wind that whispers: “It’s not all about me.” Can he turn things around and begin attending to the needs of those on his farm, thus improving their attitudes and productivity?

Farmer Able is an engaging parable that entertains as it enlightens. It reveals a profound truth about the dysfunction in organizations and how dramatic improvements can be made when leaders liberate employees to operate at their fullest potential and discover the significance in their work.


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The Servant Leadership Journal

An 18 Week Journey That Will Transform You and Your Organization

Servant leadership is a form of leadership that turns the traditional organization chart upside down; the leader exists to serve the people he leads. In the Servant Leadership Journal, author and servant leadership implementer Art Barter teaches nine behaviors necessary to grow into a servant leader. Through the journaling process, these behaviors will change your mindset about leading in your personal life and your organization. You can join us on this journey by changing your leadership behaviors—reaping rewards you never thought possible. There are four distinct steps that are key to effective journaling: Educate yourself on the meaning of each behavior. Understand where you are with each behavior. Be courageous to see the real you. Apply what you are learning to your life. What specific areas do you want to improve? Reflect by recording the results of your journey. Let’s change that old, worn out saying, “Walk the talk” to “Behave your talk.TM ” Show others you are serious about becoming a different type of leader—one who can be trusted to act the same way you talk.

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9 Behaviors of Servant Leadership Card

SLI’s 9 behaviors were created for servant leaders to focus on throughout their day. Tack to your wall and review every day. Whether it’s serving first, building trust or adding value, focusing on these 9 servant leadership behaviors is a game changer! Purchase a pack and share them with others too.


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Creating Environments for Courageous Conversations Card

We all experience times when it’s necessary to have a difficult conversation. This card provides you with guidelines to make these interactions more productive. Review these steps before and after your meetings and monitor the changes in outcome. Creating the right environment, and going through the steps for courageous conversations is a great way to maintain positive growth for everyone involved in a difficult situation.


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Servant Leadership Institute Pin

"I wear an upside down triangle pin because I want to show that I lead with love and not power." - Art Barter

We made these pins to be a reminder of flipping the organizational chart from power-reliant to servant-led. In the upside triangle the leader is at the bottom serving all those above him. Wear this pin as a badge of honor as you continue on your servant leadership journey.

Soft enamel metal pin with magnetic backing.