Spreading the Message of Servant Leadership


The search for meaning and purpose is becoming more apparent in our world.  Our news media is certainly full of crisis and chaos but there is also a trend toward showing stories about people simply helping one another. People are searching for meaningful, purpose-driven work.  Servant leadership implementer Art Barter has found that meaning and purpose in spreading the message of servant leadership.

You may have heard Art on a podcast or webinar produced by The Servant Leadership Institute but you may not know Art is an engaging motivational speaker on all things servant leadership.

So why does this busy CEO who leads two organizations continue to teach about servant leadership? The more Art learned about servant leadership and as he saw it take hold at his company, Datron World Communications, he knew this was something he had to tell other people about. The company grew extremely profitable but just as exciting, Art saw lives changed. Employees practiced servant leadership as they interfaced with each other, with suppliers and with their customers. This was something he could not keep quiet about. 

How do you benefit by having Art come and speak to your team or organization?

  1. Make an immediate impact and motivate your team to want to change how you do business. Show them you care about their growth and development. Get them engaged.

  2. Learn actions you can take quickly to improve the servant leadership environment you are trying to grow. Art presents practical “down to earth” tips based on a behavioral approach he has implemented.

  3. Take a look at how servant leadership can overcome your challenging situations. Art is a business veteran with over thirty years of leadership experience. He knows first-hand the complexities of leading an organization.

Invite Art to inspire your team. 
For more information, contact us at ArtBarterServantLeader.com or call 760-597-3727