Results-Driven Servant Leadership

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One of the huge misconceptions about servant leadership is that practitioners are laser focused on being “nice,” creating workplaces where correction is frowned upon and goals and positive results are an afterthought. Nothing could be further from the truth. Results are important at servant-led companies — but the difference is how they are achieved. 

We created this workshop to help you get positive bottom-line results using servant leadership. The objective is to provide you with a set of disciplined team tools to ensure accountability and results.  

The use of goals, roles and process (GRP) is the most powerful best practice this workshop teaches. People need continual clarification of “what” we are doing, “who” is doing what and “how” we are going to do it.

Other topics covered include:
- Techniques to build strong teams
- How to set measurable goals
- Ways to support sound decision-making
- Six steps to effective delegation
- Facilitating conflict resolution

Ultimately, employees make a personal decision to do their best for a defined goal or purpose beyond themselves. Servant leadership principles are practiced day-to-day because it’s the right thing to do. Our job as leaders is to equip our employees to be their best, and this workshop offers ways to successfully do that. 

Bring this workshop into your company for either a half or full day. For more information, email us at or call 855-754-5323.