A Conversation with Vicki Floyd Clark


This week, we offer you a glimpse of Vicki Floyd Clark, who will be joining us at the Servant Leader Conference 2019 and speaking with her own brand of wisdom, warmth, and humor. Vicki is a servant leader who speaks across the country, looking to influence leaders to serve and teaching them how to increase the capacity of their organizations. She is an example of one person making an impact. After viewing this clip, I was struck by a couple things:

Servant leaders don’t need formal titles to serve. As we watch our media, we see lots of government officials with lofty titles working to make changes in our laws to improve things. Sometimes I think we forget the millions of people out there with no titles who simply serve where there is a need. These quiet leaders get only the reward of seeing other lives improved.

Servant leaders encourage others to pursue servant leadership. Leaders who serve learn the value of this mindset change. They see the reaction that occurs when you treat people with dignity and respect. Results improve; people become engaged in new ways.

As Vicki says, “there is power when one servant leader meets another servant leader.” Our servant leadership conference provides that opportunity. Join us for the Servant Leader Conference 2019: Are You Able? on March 4 and 5, with a welcome reception the evening of March 3. More speakers will be announced. Register now to take advantage of our Super Early Bird rate! When servant leaders get together, people get lifted up – and that’s a great place to be!