The Simplicity of Servant Leadership

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How can something be simple and complex at the same time? We humans tend to think that for something to be worthwhile or impactful, it must be complex or monumental in scope. In reality, small things can be just as impactful, especially when they’re the catalyst for some larger outcome. If we begin by making small behavioral changes over time, we have a change in mindset. Changing the way we think to a servant leader perspective is certainly complex, but it’s based on a simple idea — that we’ll inspire and equip the people we influence. It’s brought to life when we do simple acts with a servant’s heart.

Actions we take to be servant leaders don’t have to be big or grandiose. In our digital product offering, “10 Things to Do Today to Begin as a Servant Leader,” we offer small ideas that have big impact. For example, one suggestion is to get out of your office every day and spend some time with your employees or team. That’s not a big deal, you think, but the impact on your team could lay the foundation for integrating more and more servant leader behaviors. It starts with people seeing you care about them personally. You become an ally, not just the disciplinarian in the corner office.

Remember the importance of starting. Many times, it’s the “start” of something that’s the hardest. So don’t worry about doing 10 things; just pick one thing you can do to improve your leadership and begin doing it today.

Be tenacious. Even if it’s only one thing, be committed to it. Again, don’t fall for the guilt game; focus on doing one thing to improve and stay the course. 

Servant leaders are out to change the world, one little act at a time.