Start Your Journey to Servant Leadership with Small Actions

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In the world today, it seems like behavior involves the extreme in many ways. We drive faster, eat and drink to excess, and climb Mount Everest — to name just a few examples. Things seemingly need to be done in epic proportions to make any kind of impact. 

I sometimes wonder if that concept gets carried into the workplace with regard to leadership. Do we believe, for instance, that a major company-wide initiative is required to practice servant leadership? Don’t misunderstand me, there’s great value in having a company-wide program to train servant leadership if management is fully committed to it. But we know from years of growing and learning in a servant-led environment — working with people who sincerely want to change their leadership behavior — you can make a huge impact by small actions that keep influencing others.

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10 Things You Can Do Today to Begin as a Servant Leader

We are often asked how to begin to be a servant leader. Here are 10 things you can start to do today to make a difference in your leadership. They may seem very elementary, but they will change your orientation to service and begin to change the culture of your team.

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Whether you work as a team of one in a remote location or as part of a large team in a corporate setting, our digital product — 10 Things I Can Do Today to Begin as a Servant Leader — will help you see how to be an effective servant leader by practicing small behavior changes. Here’s an example of one suggestion from it:

Every day, get out of your office. Intentionally spend some time each day connecting with your employees or team.

Sounds incredibly simple, right? But many leaders don’t see this as part of their job. If you want to build a strong team, make connection a part of your day and treat that activity with importance. Put it on your calendar if need be.

This is just one tip. There are nine more in this product. They may seem elementary, but they’ll change your orientation toward service. Want to change the culture of your team or workplace? Try 10 Things I Can Do Today to Begin as a Servant Leader.