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It’s back to school time, and whether or not you have children, you’re affected. Traffic gets more intense, stores are more crowded. If you have kids, you face schedule changes, struggling to get them up in the morning and another year of making sure they’re equipped to learn. For many people, it’s an achievement just having their kids physically prepared with clothing, shoes, backpacks and binders, notebooks, pens, and pencils. I know we don’t always think of it this way, but for the next several months, parents will be served by teachers, administrators, counselors, janitors and the “lunch lady.”

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Back to School — Are You Able?

It happens every August or September — the morning rush of parents and kids returning to the school routine. It’s a frantic dance for many, culminating with a drop off at school or daycare or the mad dash for a parking spot at one of our local colleges and universities. Even those whose children are grown can feel it as the traffic takes on a whole new dimension. But for those who are parents, it makes you wonder — am I able? Can I do all this day after day, week after week, year after year.

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