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The Power of Momentum by Sara Suter

Leader’s momentum is not a topic we discuss at our strategic planning meetings, yet it’s something we are all striving for in our organizations. I believe that the power of momentum can transform organizations when we spend time understanding what it takes to create it. It’s not something that just happens or a feeling in the air when things align and the company starts to progress. Momentum is the power of all the little moments added together that create a big impact on the organization.

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Perhaps one of the more underrated attributes of servant leaders is their ability to demonstrate courage. The perception of servant leaders as “nice guys” overshadows the courageous conversations and decisions servant leaders make daily. It is impossible to practice servant leadership without also having the courage to do the right thing despite opposition

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An Overview of The Nine Behaviors

In this Episode, Carol Malinski, Director of Content and Curriculum for SLI goes through the 9 behaviors of a servant leader along with Robin Swift, President of SLI.  They define and elaborate each behavior with clarifying details outlining ways to integrate these behaviors into your daily life both at work and at home. We hope you enjoy this episode.  

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