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Mentoring Moments with Art Barter

Our next complimentary webinar is called Mentoring Moments with Art Barter. Art will provide a short lesson on servant leadership implementation, answer your questions on leadership topics such as how to confront as a servant leader and share real-life examples of problem-solving as a servant leader. Make plans to join us on Thursday, July 26 at 11 a.m. PST.  

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Discussing The Art of Servant Leadership II

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Servant Leadership Institute Podcast.  This week SLI celebrated the launch of a new book called The Art of Servant Leadership II written by our founder and CEO, Art Barter.  We presented a webinar explaining some of the material presented in his new book.  This webinar, hosted by Weaving Influence, is packed with leadership wisdom from a man who has successfully implemented servant leadership and built thriving organizations focused on serving others first. Enjoy!

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Collaboration the Servant Leadership Way

Listen as Robin Swift, President of SLI, and Carol Malinski, Head of Content & Curriculum at SLI, talk on the importance of collaboration within an organization and how Servant Leadership helps foster new trusting bonds integral for a good collaborative work environment.

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