Foundational Training


Level I 

This program will provide leaders with an introduction to SL and a roadmap to begin the personal work required to become an authentic servant leader. The course:


  • Discusses the history of SL, its roots, origins, and purpose, and dispels the myth that leaders are only found at the “top” of an organizational chart.

  • Examines the organization’s and leaders’ personal values and seeks to align them, and explores how leaders practice service in everyday actions.

  • Helps leaders improve SL team effectiveness and clarify their team’s SL roles, goals, and major communication messages.

  • Strengthens attitudinal and behavioral skills in building trusted relationships through managing the mind and emotions, listening for understanding, and knowing how and when to pause and reflect to renew and refresh one’s own leadership intention.

  • Identifies the contributions leaders can make each day, one action at a time, one person at a time.


Level II 

This course will help leaders create a shared vision for transforming their organizations based on a clear vision, mission, and values, and a model of leadership that will demonstrate a proven return on investment. This course: 


  • Assumes participants have completed the Level I program to ensure a common framework, language and understanding of SL.

  • Enables participants to use their organization’s vision, mission and values as the foundation for transforming their organizational culture. Other key topics include examining and changing beliefs to achieve positive outcomes, identifying and using motivated strengths to achieve maximum impact in influencing, and providing developmental feedback.

  • Places emphasis on interactive discussion, mini-meetings, case studies, experiential learning, application and practice exercises that demonstrate SL behaviors.

  • Ensures participants leave with their own SL execution strategy for achieving and sustaining successful cultural change in their organization through inspiring and equipping those they serve.


Level III 

This five-module course promotes and reinforces SL behaviors and skills. It is geared for leaders who want to enhance their skills in practicing servant leaders to lead and build effective teams and develop individual performance. This course:


  • Assumes participants have completed the Level I and II programs to ensure a common framework, language, and understanding of SL.

  • Asks key questions to help participants understand how they can implement SL in everyday actions and difficult situations.

  • Examines how to earn the perception of “behaving the talk” and what the consequences are for not modeling SL behaviors at all levels of the organization.

  • Teaches methods to inspire and equip as a servant leader to:

  • Develop great team

  • Resolve conflict

  • Practice accountability

  • Produce results

  • Achieve excellence

  • Prepare and practice influencing in different situations

  • Handle difficult interactions and conversations

  • Give and receive feedback

Who Should Attend?

Individuals in leadership positions who wish to positively impact the people they serve.


Instructional Techniques:

All training programs are highly interactive and use a variety of instructional tools, including case studies, use of “real-time” workplace challenges, interactive discussions, role playing, writing exercises, team building games and exercises, videos, and question and answer periods.