SL is more than a philosophy. It's a daily practice of behaviors. Get inspired and equipped by our free webinars that help you develop a SL culture in your organization.

Watch our latest Webinar: Why Kindness DOES Matter

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Nine Behaviors of a Servant Leader

SLI’s 9 behaviors were created for servant leaders to focus on throughout their day. Tack to your wall and review every day. Whether its serving first, building trust or adding value, focusing on these 9 SL behaviors is a game changer! Purchase a pack and share them with others too.


Watch Past SL Webinars:

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Why Kindness DOES Matter

For this webinar, we have with us SLI Founder and CEO Art Barter and special guest Olivia McIvor. Olivia is the Best-selling Author of The Business of Kindness, I SEE YOU and Four Generations, One Workplace. This is an amazing presentation with two heavy hitting thought leaders. Be ready to take notes. Olivia McIvor will be one of our featured speakers at the upcoming 2019 Conference in March. Click here to register

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SL in All You Do

SL is a practice that can truly become part of your life — your work life and your personal life. Once you embrace it, it’s natural to use it in every process you follow in your organization and at home. Your approach to life and work becomes focused on the answer to one question: what will best serve the needs of others? SL in All You Do. Explore ways to integrate SL principles and behaviors throughout your life.

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The Art of SL

We believe SL is an art. It takes hard work, determination and a series of steps to transform an organization from command and control to operating for the sake of others. Art Barter, founder and CEO of SLI and author of the new book, The Art of Servant Leadership II, knows the steps necessary to implement SL through his own personal experience. In this complimentary webinar, Art will outline the journey he took to transform the culture of his company, Datron World Communications, from 2004 to the present.

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How to Give and Receive Feedback

Feedback is a gift. When we receive it, our self-knowledge expands. When we give it, it’s an opportunity to show our teams we genuinely care about them. This webinar will answer questions about what’s required to receive feedback and some specific steps to give feedback. Art Barter, SLI founder and CEO, discusses the power of giving and receiving ongoing feedback in a servant-led culture.

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How to be an Adaptable Leader

Our newest complimentary webinar "How to be an Adaptable Servant Leader". Art Barter, SLI founder and CEO, will discuss challenges leaders face and how you can meet them as a servant leader.