What Is Servant Leadership?

One of the most common questions we are asked here at the Institute is: Exactly, What is Servant Leadership?

Servant leadership is a set of behaviors and practices that turn the traditional "power leadership" model upside down; instead of the people working to serve the leader, the leader actually exists to serve the people. As a result, the practice is centered on a desire to serve and emphasizes collaboration, trust, empathy, and the ethical use of power. Its primary goal is to enhance individual growth, teamwork and overall employee involvement and satisfaction.

Challenge your leadership by asking these question in self assessment as a servant leader. 

And while this timeless philosophy was recorded as early as 570 BCE – 490 BCE in the writings of Lao Tzu, an ancient Chinese philosopher and writer, servant leadership really began to gain its notoriety in the early 1970s. Since then, proponents of this inspirational leadership style have unlocked purpose and ingenuity in those around them through encouragement and support. They have also enabled subordinates to unlock their innermost potential, which has resulted in overall higher performance and more engaged, fulfilled employees.

As servant leaders, we focus on the growth and well being of people and their communities and our main purpose is to inspire and equip all those we influence.

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