What you can expect.

Are You Able? It’s a simple question that holds a lot of weight. The idea for this conference is all about capability. Everyone has had experiences in their lives that have challenged them in one way or another. Some challenge character, some challenge will and some challenge survival. Whatever the challenge is, at some point when you come up against it, you find yourself asking, “Am I able to do this?”

We believe that is a continual question for servant leaders, for we are tested every day with the opportunity to do the right thing. For some people coming to this conference, the question will be, “Am I able to change into a servant leader?” For others who already consider themselves established servant leaders, it may be the question, “Am I able to be better?”

We know in servant leadership there is no finish line, only the continual challenge to grow, impacting the lives all around us. Our goal at the conference is to help you answer the “how” that follows by equipping you with the tools you need to be capable servant leaders. We want you to walk away from the conference replacing the question, “Am I able?” with the certainty of “I am able!”

What to expect:

·         Lessons learned; tools and tips from proven, gifted servant leadership keynote speakers

·         High levels of engagement in breakouts to gain a deeper understanding of servant leadership practices

·         Connect with like-minded people from a wide variety of industries, all part of the servant leadership movement

·         A beautiful setting to relax and learn in the Southern California coastal town of Carlsbad

·         A sense of belonging to something significant and well worth your time

So, here’s our promise to you — if you are willing and able to join the servant leadership movement, we’ll equip you to be a capable servant leader. Join us for The Servant Leader Conference on March 4 and 5, 2019, with a welcome reception the evening of March 3. Our location is the Westin Carlsbad Resort and Spa in beautiful Carlsbad, Calif., just north of San Diego.

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This is my first experience with servant leadership. I am inspired! This was the right combination of theory, real-world practical cases and inspiration!
— Conference Attendee
This was my third conference and this one was spectacular! Great speakers, creative, inspiring, and great retention plan. Great networking, music theme was wonderful! I left with many clearly communicated ideas for maximizing our leadership skills and the skills of our organizational members. Thank you so much!
— Conference Attendee
This was a phenomenal event. I attend many professional development events, and it was such a breath of fresh air to attend a personal development event! It really reminded me to start with myself! I enjoyed the theme and caliber of speakers. The small conference size allowed for many opportunities to connect with a number of leaders in a meaningful way.
— Conference Attendee

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