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Public Workshop details:

When: November 7, 2019 from 10:00 am - 12:00 pm PT
Where: Servant Leadership Institute, Carlsbad, CA 92008

Ever wonder what servant leadership is all about? This interactive session teaches the basics of what servant leadership is, and quite frankly, what it’s not. Discover the differences between the traditional power model of leading and a servant led model. Other aspects covered will include the purpose behind servant leadership, the business case for servant leadership, and a look at the process of personal and cultural transformation. Learn from SLI founder & CEO, Art Barter, how making a few small changes can lead to culture transformation within your organization.

Learn how to:

  • Define servant leadership, its origins and purpose.

  • Recognize the difference between power and service models of leadership.

  • Understand the benefits to developing people and organizations.

  • Develop a plan for personal action.

Who will benefit from attending:

  • Business owners

  • C Suite leaders

  • Managers of all levels

  • Teams interested in growing together

  • Anyone who has an interest in servant leadership

Includes complimentary refreshments and participant workbook.

Already familiar with servant leadership? This event is a great way to refresh your knowledge. Additionally, this event is a great opportunity to introduce your business colleagues, friends and family to servant leadership. So spread the word and make a difference!

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Corporate Workshops

Learn the Art of SL First-Hand

Can SL really work for your organization? Let us show you that it can by attending a SL workshop from SLI!

SL has proven that it truly is the best way to enhance every aspect of your company. From a warmer company culture to happier employees and increased productivity and profits, there isn't a single area of your business that won't be positively affected by this innovative leadership strategy.

Each and every one of our SL programs features hands-on learning, innovative tools and strategies taught by one of our highly-trained and engaging SLI trainers. When you invite us to share our knowledge with your leadership team, you'll leave feeling energized to increase your leadership effectiveness.


Learn How To Create An Engaged, Productive Workplace

We cover all the bases with a wide variety of SL programs that include:


  • 360-Degree Leadership: Developing a Culture of Transparency

  • Community of Practice

  • Culture Transformation: Unearthing Possibilities in Your Workplace

  • Foundational Training

  • Let's Get Started: SL Overview

  • The Little Foxes: Engaging the Outliers

  • Results-Driven SL

  • SL Coaching Program

  • SL 101: The Road Less Traveled


Everything about your organization is completely unique, which is why we will tailor the experience to your needs. Just tell us a little bit more about your goals, culture and work environment and we'll create a custom SL workshop just for you. We can meet at your facility or you can fly your crew out to San Diego for a half-day, single-day or multiple-day event.

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Let's Get Started: SL Overview

This is our primary path of entry into your journey with SL. These sessions can be done on consecutive days or at paced intervals; we recommend no longer than one month apart.

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360 Degree Leadership: Developing a Culture of Transparency

Using a SL behavioral-based assessment tool to assess strengths and determine areas of improvement, this workshop will prove that trust is a measurable leadership competency in today’s global economy.

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Culture Transformation: Unearthing Possibilities in Your Workplace

Understand why SL implementation is a critical leadership competency for success in today’s new global economy.

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Results Driven SL

Master the skill of resolving conflict through SL-based conflict management styles that are proven to help you overcome obstacles that hinder individual, team, group or organizational effectiveness, and learn best practices for holding difficult and crucial conversations that will help you achieve better accountability in your organization.

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Road Best Travelled

This interactive experience provides the basics of what SL is and quite frankly, what it’s not. You will compare the power model of leadership to the service model and evaluate how they affect employee engagement and productivity.

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Community of Practice

The Community of Practice approach begins with a cohort of leaders, who after receiving the initial SL introduction presentation, commit themselves to SL behaviors by forming a community of practice, expanding the number of leaders involved and bringing about gradual behavioral change in the organization.

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Little Foxes: Engaging the Outliers

This workshop is designed to help organizational leaders understand the natural tendency of employees to resist change in an organization, confirm the importance of setting clear behavioral expectations and review specific techniques that will maximize employee performance. It will also provide tools to help align employee behavior to the organizational goals, mission, and values, and strategies for preventing such behavior from gaining influence in an organization.


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Love from Our Attendees

Your event is so positive, so forward thinking and ultimately life changing, that you are making a difference in the world we live in
— Ted Fatseas
Many positive outcomes were seen post-training: walls came down between functions and specialties, relationships were improved, and a common intention was created to take the culture of the facility to a higher level of service excellence
— Susan Schaetti, CEO, Kindred Hospital, TX