The Servant Leadership Institute (SLI) exists to inspire and equip leaders to find meaning and purpose in their work, foster an environment of trust and respect at all levels in an organization, and achieve success through implementing servant leadership. We offer a refreshing “others first” mindset.

The Beginning of SLI

Fueled by his belief in servant leadership, our founder, Art Barter, started by rebuilding the culture of the manufacturing company he bought in 2004, Datron World Communications.

Art took Datron’s traditional power-led model and turned it upside down; together with his management team, he began to "serve first."

The result? With servant leadership, the international radio manufacturer grew from a $10 million company to a $200 million company in six years.

In order to show other leaders how to implement servant leadership and transform their cultures, Art founded the Servant Leadership Institute (SLI).


Training Leaders to "Serve First" Since 2008

The Servant Leadership Institute goes beyond theory; it helps people and organizations put servant leadership into practice. This leadership approach challenges us to build trust, actively listen, and add value. We offer:

  • Hands-on training and coaching, where theory meets practical application
  • Relationship-based programs that focus on your unique needs
  • Events and publications to inspire a lifetime of practice

The result is an engaged, creative workforce that excels and accomplishes great things.

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SLI Employees Give Back

We believe the most important measure of a servant-led organization is this: are those less fortunate better off after coming in contact with you?

Since the establishment of the Datron Charitable Fund in 2005, the employees of Datron and SLI have given more than 970 grants amounting to over $14 million to support causes in 57 different countries.

Most importantly, it is our employees who determine where the money is spent.


Art Barter believes, “There is peace in your leadership when you give your power away.”

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