The Servant Leadership Institute (SLI) exists to inspire and equip leaders to find meaning and purpose in their work, foster an environment of trust and respect at all levels in an organization, and achieve success through implementing SL. We offer a refreshing “others first” mindset.


Transforming Your Organization With An "Others First" Mentality


Being a leader once meant taking a top-down approach; where leaders were in charge and everyone else was expected to follow the rules they created. It was all about power and, unfortunately for some companies, it still is.

The problem with this technique is that it doesn’t work in the long term. Employees get burnt out, which leads to high turnover rates and low trust in the leadership team, which can ultimately lead to the company’s demise.

At SLI, we take a different approach—we take a serve first approach.

It means focusing, not just on successful business outcomes, but on the growth and well-being of the people who are responsible for those outcomes. It's about sharing your leadership power and enabling those around you to reach their full potential.


Customized Training Programs And Materials


The very best SL companies are the ones that provide a personalized approach to training, like we do at SLI.

We can help your entire leadership team by offering:

  • Hands-on training and coaching that enables you to engage your heart and mind in the concept of SL.

  • Relationship-based programs that focus on the unique personal dynamics in your organization.

  • Events and publications that will inspire you to get started or continue practicing SL.


Discover The Power Of Servant Leadership


SL companies exist to show you how to:

  • Find meaning and purpose in your work.

  • Foster an environment of trust and respect among all members.

  • Support each employee's personal and professional journeys.

Which all results in better outcomes for your business.

Are members of your team better off as a result of your interaction with them? Empower everyone you meet and contact SLI today. We’ll help make SL an integral and celebrated part of your company culture.


The Beginning of SLI

Fueled by his belief in SL, our founder, Art Barter, started by rebuilding the culture of the manufacturing company he bought in 2004, Datron World Communications.

Art took Datron’s traditional power-led model and turned it upside down; together with his management team, he began to "serve first."

The result? With SL, the international radio manufacturer grew from a $10 million company to a $200 million company in six years.

In order to show other leaders how to implement SL and transform their cultures, Art founded the SLI.


Art Barter believes, “There is peace in your leadership when you give your power away.”

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